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Edelweiss Alpacas, LLC

Breeding and sales with integrity - Small farm attention

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Our History

Welcome to Edelweiss Alpacas! We are honored to have you visit our website and hope you also have an opportunity to visit us in person.

We purchased our first pregnant female alpaca in May 2009 and boarded her with her former owners initially. She gave us our first beautiful female cria, Katrina, in August. In October, we purchased 5 more alpacas, boarding them as well. In the meantime, we purchased our 3.5 acres NE of Erie, CO, moved in, and started to build shelters and clear the land of weed infestations. Our 7 alpacas moved home with us in early 2010, and we have grown ever since. We now own 21 alpacas and 1 llama, co-own 2 herdsires, and board 15 alpacas. We have found immense pleasure from our alpacas, have learned much about herd, fiber and business management, and continue to learn and grow as we care for our gentle and endearing alpacas.

Lexus Silver Charm - herdsire
Lakota and cria Sequoia 2014

Leonidas - herdsire

Beige lace scarf/shawl

MAY Activities are a-blooming!

First, our farm tours are available again to the public to get acquainted with alpacas and their fiber, and to explore the possibilities of future ownership. We are a full-service alpaca farm where we buy, sell, and breed quality alpacas. We own a few herd sires who are eager to begin the breeding season this spring for those of you with female alpacas. We also mentor new owners, whether you buy from us or from others. Your success in the alpaca business means success for all of the industry, and for the alpacas.

Meet us at the Great Western Alpaca Show at the National Western Stock Show Complex in Denver May 1 - May 3. The Denver Fiber Fiesta also runs at this time and is a great place to learn how alpaca fleece is used and a place to observe and learn those beginning skills needed to process it yourself. There are also plenty of finished quality alpaca products to view and purchase.

Beginning knitting classes start May 8th, at 10:00 AM. Please call and reserve your place. Fee of $10.

Carol is also available to teach Camelidynamics techniques for handling and training alpacas. If you are a new, or not so new, owner, but want to learn better and easier handling techniques, call and we can arrange a time.

Shearing Day is Saturday May 30th starting at 2 PM. The public is welcome to observe and learn this facet of alpaca care and management.

We also have nutrient-rich composted alpaca manure available for enriching your garden soils.

Individual financing terms on purchase of alpacas and on breedings, negotiable with any potential buyer.
Boarding is $100 a month per alpaca. Crias have free boarding for first 3 months, then $50 until 6 months old, then $100 a month.