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Spring is here! I'm excited about many new opportunities we're providing here at the farm this spring and summer.

First, our farm tours are available again to the public to get acquainted with alpacas or to explore the possibilities of future ownership. We are a full-service alpaca farm where we buy, sell, and breed quality alpacas.

Other services we are providing this summer include instructional sessions - on camelidynamics techniques for handling and training alpacas, other information for new owners, knitting, crocheting, felting, etc.

We have quite a lot of alpaca manure/compost for sale for your gardening needs. Contact us for large or small quantities.

We mentor new owners, whether you buy from us or from others. Success for each of us contributes to success for all of us in the alpaca community and for the alpacas themselves.

Lexus Silver Charm - herdsire
Lakota and cria Sequoia 2014

Leonidas - herdsire

Beige lace scarf/shawl

Welcome to Edelweiss Alpacas website! We are thrilled to have you visit and become acquainted with us and our awesome alpacas. We would love to have you visit the farm and interact with the alpacas as you are comfortable. We are a full service alpaca ranch which means we participate in a breeding program, as well as buying and selling, to improve genetics of our herd and of the industry as a whole. We also have fiber animals for sale for fiber and crafts enthusiasts, and pet and companion alpacas for sale to those who simply enjoy the alpaca's gentle nature and serene qualities. 4-H kids lease an alpaca for a year and learn the care of alpacas and the business aspects of the industry by coming to the farm 6 hours a month. Boarding of your alpacas with us is an option when you need a home for your alpacas. We mentor and teach those interested in ownership and those who are new owners and those who want to use the fleece. We process the annual harvest of fiber and have many fiber products available in our store for sale including fleece, bats and rovings, to yarn, felt and finished products. We have a farm store for you to browse through and pick gifts - for others or for yourself.

Come see our many offerings at Edelweiss Alpacas. And bring a picnic lunch and relax a bit in the shade and enjoy the peace and beauty.

Please call for an appointment at 303-932-2816 or for additional information. We give tours to individuals, families, various types of groups (both children and adults), and future or current owners. Looking forward to your visits and doing business with you.

Dave and Carol Hinrichs

Individual financing terms on purchase of alpacas and on breedings, negotiable with any potential buyer.
Boarding is $100 a month per alpaca. Crias have free boarding for first 3 months, then $50 until 6 months old, then $100 a month.